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Agreement on order, sale and delivery of goods

Chapter 1. Terms used in this Agreement.

1.1. In this Agreement, the following terms have the following meanings and are an integral part of this Agreement:

"Bazarstore" LLC - "Bazarstore" LLC, whose requisites are indicated in the "Requisites" section of the Agreement.


"Online-shop" is a service designed for ordering goods at Bazarstore MMC markets through the Internet located at

"Rules" - confirmation, direction, cancellation and rules that determine the conduct of other transactions necessary for the purchase of goods in the online store located at

"Order" - confirmation of the selection of the goods in the online store and its shipment by the method specified in the rules.

"Buyer" - a person who intends to buy goods through an online store.

"Law on personal data" - Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan on Personal Information.

"Personal Information" - personal data of the buyer provided to Bazarstore LLC in accordance with the law on personal data for the purpose of order fulfillment. Personal data means first name, surname, father's name, year of birth, e-mail address, contact phone number.

"Communication Channel" - methods of informing the buyer about the fulfillment of the order, which are specified in the online store and can be selected.

"Goods" – a product available in an online store that the buyer can purchase.

"Separate goods groups" – Products of Bazarstore LLC's own production - confectionery, fruit and vegetable products, fish products and other goods with a shelf life of 36 hours or less.

"Act" - the deed of handover of the goods, which is signed when the goods are purchased and before the payment of its value.

"Maximum time for order completion" - the time selected within the specified limit when the order will be ready for sure and presented for withdrawal by the buyer.

"Goods of insufficient quality" - goods that are unsuitable for their intended use, defective, missing goods (deficiency is a violation of mandatory requirements for the product) or goods that do not match the description on the site, expired, delivered to the buyer in damaged packaging.

Chapter 2. General provisions

2.1. The Agreement is an official offer of Bazarstore LLC to any natural person who is authorized to enter into an agreement for the purchase and sale of goods under the terms and conditions specified in the agreement, and contains all the important terms of the agreement.

2.2. Acceptance of the terms of the agreement is mandatory for the ability to place an order in the online store. The Buyer cannot place an order without accepting the terms of the Agreement and the terms of other agreements required to fulfill the order.

2.3. The Agreement between the Buyer and Bazarstore LLC is considered concluded from the moment the order is placed and confirmed.

Chapter 3. Registration on the Site

3.1. Only registered buyers can place an order in the online store.

3.2. Bazarstore LLC is not responsible for the accuracy and correctness of the information provided by the Buyer during registration.

3.3. The Buyer who registers in the online store receives personal identification by providing a username and password. Personal identification of the Buyer allows to prevent illegal actions of third parties on behalf of the Buyer and opens the possibility of switching to additional services.

3.4. The buyer freely bears responsibility for all possible negative consequences in case of giving the username and password to third parties.

Chapter 4. Conditions for placing an order and purchasing goods

4.1. After receiving the order, the online store informs the Buyer about the receipt of the order and the possibility of execution through the channel chosen by the Buyer as the preferred communication channel.

4.2. The buyer agrees that the following parameters can be changed at the initiative of Bazarstore LLC: the list of ordered goods, the order preparation period.

4.3. The weight / quantity of goods available for order may be limited.

4.4. When placing the order, if the required Goods are not available at Bazarstore LLC, the Buyer is offered the option of choosing the option of the Substitutes agreement service. At the time of completion of the order, a replacement Product of the same price range will be offered.

Available options for the Substitutes reconciliation service:

Collect substitutes

Not offering a replacement

4.5. The buyer can cancel the order at any time. The online store can inform about the cancellation of the order by any method provided in the communication channel.

4.6. The buyer agrees that when ordering a separate group of goods, its average weight is indicated, while the permissible error of the actual weight compared to its average weight is 9% and up to 20% for some goods. Payment for Goods sold by weight will be made by actual weight.

4.7. Ownership of the goods is transferred to the Buyer from the moment of payment of the value of the goods. From the moment the parties sign the deed, Bazarstore LLC is considered to have fully performed its duties on the delivery of the goods.

4.8. If the information on the product in the online store and on the label are different, the information on the label is preferred.

4.9. The Buyer agrees that at the time the order is prepared and completed, some goods may not be available, and in the event that the Buyer has an item that is not available in the order, the Buyer will be notified in advance through the channel he chooses as his preferred communication channel.

4.10. The Buyer agrees that the external appearance of the Goods may differ from its image in the online store.

4.11. The buyer's order is considered executed from the moment Bazarstore LLC gives the buyer a cashier's check or commodity check or another document confirming its payment where the goods are delivered to the buyer and the act is signed by the buyer.

Chapter 5. Terms of delivery of goods

5.1 . The minimum purchase amount is 40 AZN.

5.2 . The delivery service of purchased goods is free. Urgent delivery service is 5 (five) manats.

5.3. Orders are delivered to the following regions:

Narimanov, Nasimi, Nizami, Sabail, Khatai, Yasamal, Binagadi district (microdistricts)

Chapter 6. Payment of the value of goods

The cost of the purchased goods can be paid by any of the following methods suitable for the Buyer during the creation or purchase of the order:

6.1. Payment upon receipt of order.

Payment is made only after checking your order, familiarizing yourself with the goods and making a purchase decision. An employee of Bazarstore LLC online store presents the cashier's receipt and the goods receipt/deed.

Cash payment: Payment is made only after checking your order, familiarizing yourself with the goods and making a purchase decision. The money is given to the employee of the online store "Bazarstore" LLC

6.2. The buyer agrees that the price of individual groups of goods (by weight and sold individually) indicated in the online store is an approximate price due to the error in the actual weight.

Chapter 7. Return of Goods

With the exception of ordered food products, you can exchange or return other non-food products at the store specified in the receipt, provided that you do not use the product and do not damage the packaging within 14 days from the day of purchase. Please come to the market with the product and the receipt. It is not possible to return the goods to the courier on the spot.

Chapter 8. Privacy of data, protection of personal data

8.1. Bazarstore LLC guarantees that personal data will be used by ensuring their proper protection and compliance with the requirements of the law on personal data.

8.2. The buyer confirms that the personal information provided by him is correct and sufficient to fulfill the order. If the buyer does not comply with this clause, Bazarstore LLC is not responsible for the incorrect execution of the order.

8.3. The buyer, in accordance with the requirements of the law on personal data, having accepted the agreement, consciously, informedly, freely, acting in his own will and interest, gives his consent to the processing of his personal data for the purpose of fulfilling the order and for other purposes mentioned in the agreement.

8.4. Processing of personal data means collection, systematization, collection, storage, specification (updating, changing), use (including transfer), blocking, destruction of personal data.

8.5. Bazarstore LLC has the right to provide personal data to third parties in the following cases, and the buyer allows this:

  • the presence of a legal request from competent authorities;
  • impossibility of fulfilling the order without giving personal data to third parties.

8.6. Except for the cases mentioned in this chapter, Bazarstore LLC guarantees that personal data, as well as other data provided by the buyer, will never and under no circumstances be given to third parties.

8.7. Bazarstore LLC guarantees the existence of organizational and technical measures to protect personal data and other data provided by the Buyer from illegal or accidental transfer, their destruction, modification, blocking, copying, distribution, and other illegal actions.

Chapter 9. Force Majeure

9.1. Any of the parties shall be released from liability for failure to fulfill obligations under the Agreement in whole or in part due to force majeure events occurring after the parties signed it.

9.2. Force majeure events are extraordinary events or circumstances that the party could not foresee or prevent with available means. Such extraordinary events or circumstances include, but are not limited to: strikes, floods, fires, earthquakes and other natural disasters, war, military operations, acts of local or foreign governmental authorities, and any other circumstances beyond the reasonable control of either party.

9.3. Changes in legislation or regulatory acts that directly or indirectly affect any of the Parties are not considered as unavoidable, but in the event that such changes are made that do not allow any of the Parties to fulfill their obligations under this Agreement, in order to ensure that the Parties continue to implement the Agreement immediately, they should make a decision on the work order to eliminate this problem.

Chapter 10. Final Provisions

10.1. Bazarstore LLC has the right to change the prices of the Goods in the online store without informing the Buyer.

10.2. Changes to the agreement will be considered valid after they are published in the online store and confirmed by the Buyer at the time of placing the order and will apply to agreements concluded after the date of publication.

10.3. The Parties shall endeavor to resolve through negotiations all disputes related to the non-performance or improper performance of their obligations under this Agreement.

10.4. If an agreement is not reached during the negotiations, the disputes will be resolved in court in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Section 11. Claims and Offers

11.1. Send suggestions and complaints through the online store and Bazarstore LLC official website feedback form, or daily from 09:00 to 18:00, (+994 12) 404 19 70 / 71 / 72 / 73 / 74 / 75 and Information can be given through the number (+994 55) 201 35 35.